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Many organisations face the challenges of not enough cash being received quickly enough and as a result suffer cash flow problems as a result, which often leads to increased losses and unfortunately insolvency for some organisations.

Often, with the right approach, such problems can be identified, stemmed and even reversed. The reasons are often many and varied. With extensive experience in this area, we offer a fresh set of eyes, aiming to provide solutions to enable you to move forward in a positive manner increasing your cash collections quickly. Where problems exist the quicker you involve us, the quicker we can resolve your problems and increase the amount of cash recovered!

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What Can We Offer?

Our consultancy service encompasses all aspect of collections, credit control, recoveries from both a set up and operational perspective, spanning many different sectors of business. We have worked with an array of organisations over many years from Accountants to Wine Merchants

We generally become involved with an organisation:

- At management level and above (We have plenty of management experience!)

- Our assignments range from operational/departmental reviews through to on- site interim management of up 4 days per week - our assignments have ranged from a 1-day review to on-site operational management, the longest of which has been 3 years!

- We work for you and work with you. Therefore we provide as little or as much as is required we can review existing personnel, processes, operational structures, existing contracts, collection strategy, collection audits, implement and oversee systems upgrades, new systems, involvement with the hiring of new staff as detailed below If you are suffering from any of issues below, then we can assist;

- Rising arrears or bad debts?

- Not enough cash been collected?

- Increasing numbers of non-paying customers?

- Increasing bad debt losses?

- Underperforming credit control/collections/debt recovery department?

- Credit Policy and Procedures need creating or updating?

- Collections strategy not performing?

- Staff or Management not performing to targets?

- Are you thinking about setting up a credit control/collections department?

- Looking for a new collections system?

- Do your communication strategies need updating?

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A multi-million-pound operation company was suffering cash flow problems with only 65% of customers paying their invoices. Within 2 weeks of our initial report being completed we were commissioned to run the department on an on-site interim basis. Payment rates went up to 80% and within 4 months this increased to 93% and after a year continued to increase. Several issues were identified and resolved, many new practices were implemented, departmental costs were significantly reduced, staff collections, productivity and efficiencies of 200% were achieved on average. A year later we were still operating for them and saved them at least £4.5M through avoided losses, productivity savings, new working practices, plus other operational savings!

A FTSE 250 company was concerned about its debtor days, some site reviews took place, a training programme was agreed, and debtor days started to decrease quite rapidly.

A commercial arm of a high street bank had provided commercial funding to a company, which they were fast losing confidence in because of diminishing returns and increasing portfolio losses. We agreed to an on-site interim management role, which involved many changes to the department, personnel and its practices. We also worked positively with the on-site management team of the company, providing full justification and rationale for our thoughts, decisions and actions.

A company we dealt with were unable to understand why a particular department had the problems it did. A 1-day on site review identified the likely problems and issues, our report was submitted, and we understand the company took the appropriate actions as per our report.

A company had assigned a significant number of its accounts to an external debt collection agency and were having concerns regarding the performance of their portfolio. We agreed to conduct an external on-site review at the premises of the Debt collection agency and reported back, both parties agreed several remedial actions and our client quickly noticed an increase in collections performance.

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