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Credit Control Training & Consultancy

We specialise in credit control, debt recovery, collections training and we have been running our training courses since 2005. Our training courses operate throughout the UK both on an open course and in-house / on-site basis and have been attended by literally thousands of attendees over the years.

Our courses and course material are continually updated to reflect best practice, legislative changes and updates, emerging trends, feedback and industry analysis. Since COVID19 the world has changed significantly, and will no doubt continue to change as the “cost of living” crisis and inflationary pressures which have taken hold since 2022.

We believe an in-person training event is by and far the best outcome for each attendee, out training courses and material is kept fully up to date.

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Get Paid On Time Training Course

Our Credit Control Training Courses

Our range of courses is limited, but expert, of not only recovering your money sooner, in a professional but timely manner, but also minimising future losses, by providing credit to the right customers.

We recognise that companies want to continue to deal with customers and get paid sooner! Our courses reflect this and provide attendees with challenges as to how they can successfully do this.

For those firms who also engage with consumers, vulnerable customers (i.e., deal with customers in the home, senior citizens, mental health issues, social and care sector) we provide training and guidance in this area on an in-depth basis when completed in-house. Further details are provided on our bespoke training page.

We also work with companies within the Consumer Credit & Financial Services sectors – who may or may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provide specific training in relations to CONC, MCOB sourcebooks, again such courses are bespoke.

Our training courses ensure that delegates will return to work and be able to apply their new skills and knowledge to keep your bad debts to an absolute minimum, helping to positively impact your bottom line!

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All Courses Are Go!

Improve your cashflow! Take advantage of our new special offer: Book 2 or more people on any course and get a £50 discount PER PERSON!

All our full day courses are only £550 + VAT per delegate for 2024. For group or in house/on-site course we will typically provide a day rate, contact us for more details.

No matter which course suits you or even if you use our bespoke training and consultancy service you can't go wrong as you'll be saving money thereafter by utilising your new found skills and techniques!

Why Us? Simple! We continue to provide a quality service at an exceptional price, and we even come to you!